We offer to Your kind attention “FitnessSport” magazine which is indisputably a leader among the specialized editions in the field of fitness and healthy way of living. It is an official organ of the Bulgarian National Fitness Federation.

   With the precise selected and professionally formed articles, the magazine targets a wide reader audience of all ages and both sexes.

  Part of the team, preparing the magazine, are proved professional Bulgarian athletes, which provoke a huge reader`s interest. 

  With its appearance on the market, “FitnessSport” magazine fills the gap in health culture, and perfect look information. 

  Fitness is the most popular sport and this is the reason why the team of the magazine offers to its readers, in contrast to the other editions, materials not only for training but also concerning other areas such as: sport medicine, sport psychology, healthy nutrition, sport rehabilitation and so on.

  The  good distribution network guarantee a big reader audience not only in Bulgaria.


  The long term plans of “FitnessSport” are to present and popularize to the audience the best foods, apparatus, medicines, fitness equipment, spa and sport centers interior, solarium studios, sport goods and accessories and all kind of goods and services connected with healthy way of living. For this aim the magazine is looking for partnership with the best firms - producers and importers - in this field. 

  The magazine is not bound by any economic groups, producers and importers of nutrition additions, medicines, sport apparatus and so on. This independence gives a chance to the team to determine its editorial politics without being financially dependent, which is typical for a big part of medias. 

  The editorial team guarantee no interference in the advertisements` texts, PR-articles of these who advertise in the magazine. But the right not to public insulting and aspersive materials is saved. 

  “FitnessSport” works with a professional design team which ensure higher quality of Your advertisement. 

  Those who missed some of the first issues can connect with the editors or fill and send the check, applied to each issue.




  Price: 25 BGN for 6 months (one issue free)


           50 BGN for 12 months (two issues free)





 Bulgaria, Sofia 1700, Studentski grad, 5 block, ground floor – SC “Apolon”


 +359 885 55 30 35

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